Oct. 8, 2017

Hendry county government staff breezes through budget hearing, board votes 2.7% more dollars to run on next year


I'm sure 


would have said . . . .


Times are starting to feel like 1968, which I now see began a five-year revolution, fed by unconscionable carnage in Vietnam, an election made dysfunctional by media overkill of protest, assassinations that we suffered today of police and at that time were of RFK and MLK, impending election of a conniving woman with a long wives tale to tell but unfit for management, without integrity, or the means to speak out without provoking uproar every single time, yielding the greatest casualty of all, total loss as in 1975,  of belief in the American national culture. 


By '75 on Broadway, 1,050 performances of Shenandoah attempted to remind people of qualities we held dear. Totally lost to today's youth are the qualities of a far greater culture than has been seen since, with its sense of all parts of our nation working together, albeit there were remains of traces of racism, sexism. 


When it’s over, it’s over.  Now mounting urban stress, worthlessness of leaders of those who allow our relic ruinous American black culture to still run their lives, dysfunctional elections ruined by media who regard hype, ratings and profits as more important than just setting an example of saying what’s on their mind, profiteers in professions robbing us of essential commitment to justice, health care and truth, a demeaned role for women with children ravaged by family court vultures robbing children of their will to live, rendering marriage itself an empty vow, raising the Bible itself to political combat where it suffers piecemeal dismemberment.  So much time getting women the vote, so much example by Eleanor Roosevelt, now devaluation of the woman as citizen as one after another sits with the stunned panicky glazed eyes of intransigence for whom the sole bond remaining to cling to Hillary in this fractionated world is the stupid awareness that voter and nominee have the same genitalia between their legs.


It’ll be over when it’s over, probably the day the next president implodes and resigns from her own woeful unpreparedness for White House executive management requirements, exactly as in 1975.  Then it’s back to mucking on in the falacy promulgated by lying lawyers that all there is left are laws, no conscience, no word of Christ that there is a brotherhood of man, down to the scum sucker level practice of an eye for an eye, money talks nobody walks, box office and ratings.  Jefferson, Adams, Franklin, Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt who cares.  Never heard if them anyway.  They were probably bigots. . . . weren't they?  Rule #1 of communication: say racism, bigot too redundantly and even the lowest IQ registers no remaining meaning, just boredom, I'm sure RFK, MLK would have said . . . . 

—July 8, 2016   RPB

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