After Negron's response to algae, the narrow, political ploy becomes a thing of the past

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CLEWISTON, FL (Tuesday, Aug. 23, 2016) — Hip-shooting Joe Negron, state senate-president-to-be, Republican, circled this month 60,000 acres of private property south (above) of Lake Okeechobee on a map without knowing that property's filtering value in removing impurities from water.  Nevertheless, he recklessly committed to buy it with every last penny the state and federal coffers have because the location seemed ideal to him.  Fanatic environmentalist Everglades foundation cheered a chorus in hero-worship.

The shared responsibility 

will have to come in Florida

Real water-related principles enforced, I mean really enforced, equitably, will have to come to Florida. Can't require one segment to keep its effluent on its own land, as sugar now does, and allow the rest of Florida to dump their filth into groundwater. 

THE SOLE REASON Florida is wracked with divisiveness is because one SOB from yuppy Greenwich, CT, Paul Tudor Jones, arrogantly paid for a movement in 1996 to, by an amendment vote, single out farmers, and notably Sugar, and specifically Clewiston, to be blamed for it all and be forced to keep effluent on their land, and then singled out for taxation punishment. Farmers and the Company refused to take sole blame and fought back to defeat Jones in a 55% vote Nov. 5, 1996. I was there.

Billionaire Jones, indignant and indifferent to matters requiring fairness in taxation, placed a nationwide mark of the beast on Clewiston, its Company, and its farmers with an expensive nationwide publicity and fundraising campaign capitalizing on the natural appeal of the word "Everglades" that continues relentlessly to this day and gave Clewiston its paranoia from the very real sense that they are hated by people everywhere in the United States.  

Jones's judgment was shown to be worthless as for 21 years U.S.Sugar has treated water, giving it the purity of rainwater, and the problem nevertheless remains, indeed has grown worse with population growth, proving it was not due to their one segment of population. 

Jones's legacy of divisiveness remains today in the shallow mendacity of BullSugar with tacit complicity of Audubon smugly letting others do their dirty work.

Clewiston people and their mayor Phil Roland don't lie, know their lake can never be rid by manmade means of what huge volumes of phosphorous and nutrients pour into it, as those always have from the north, in constantly increasing volumes as population increases.

They know their land and wildlife with the conviction that ALL of it is a single environmental system from Orlando south because the flow of all waters ties it all into an interdependent whole, meaning the death of one part kills the whole.
No other interpretation is valid, no other people know and understand and love the land as much, no other people in my knowledge have withstood such nationwide abuse to keep what's theirs.

What dawned on Water Management in Florida this year was that the mounting scope and scale of the water problem took it out of the realm of politics altogether: now it's one biosphere twice as big as was thought, from Orlando south, twice as big as the district, the snake-infested Everglades being only a minor part of its symptoms, a "fixed" or "cleaned" lake is beyond imagination as long as the southward flow of impurities beginning in Orlando rolls on, no one really knows how effectively STAs will perform as filters to remove impurities, the effluent from a population growing annually at a rate of a third of a million indifferent souls, many immigrants among them, is daunting, the firmness of the Lake walls to serve as a giant storage bathtub in years of inundation is in doubt, the imperative of having unimpeachable water quality examiners to make billion-dollar calls is too harrowing for cowardly politicians, and worst of all a skeptical, ignorant population is everywhere provoked to make senseless demands by stories in newspapers whose circulations at no point cover more than a slight fraction of the problem area, and have among their combined editorial managements not a knowledge of or love for the land of a single farmer, and not a bright idea in their collective publishers houses of how to manage the problem in its full dimensions, if any of them could even pass a quiz on its basic facts.  —RPB

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