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Axlerod: “Huey Long paved Louisiana streets four decades before LaBelle paved theirs.” 


Horntooth: “We have none of the strict maintenance and behavioral rules that you have in the havens of Florida’s better-heeled, better-educated, healthier classes, those sanitary gated communities of Boca, Weston and Naples.  A Swamp Cabbage festival that is a riot of ethnic color intermixed.”


Axlerod: “There are also wishy-washy standards that can only be called homegrown, business experience that can only be called mom-and-pop, and ethics that can best be excused as the gene pool descended from cattle rustlers, evidenced by the most irresponsible bank and the most reckless and arrogant corporation in all Florida.”


Horntooth: “Ah, yes but few neckties are worn.  No one impresses anyone else with their money, their BMWs, or Mercedes’s.  Life is plain, less phony.  A place where people mangle the mother tongue’s grammar but evoke self-reliance and persistence, family ties and Bible school.  Not a bad place to live, considering the alternative.”


Axlerod: “Deal with it: the pioneering stock is our undiscovered asset.  An admixture of cultural colors that are not really the same, not a nice blend, some less equivalent than others.  But the mix is who we are.”  The little paper out in the country tells it like it is.